About Mike Lam Design

The design process begins with Mike’s desire to express a feeling. With his first sketch, he tries to make that emotion visible and tangible.

He then plays with the design, testing it, exploring it from every angle. The design becomes a living thing, evolving and taking on its own form, its own meaning and expression.

The process of creation is a dialogue between Mike and the design concept.  Each step of refinement is expressed in numerous prototypes and forms. Throughout the process he asks:

  • Does the design concept convey the original emotion, the feeling, that gave it life?
  • Does the piece live?
  • How deeply does it connect with people?
  • How will it function as a piece of furniture?
  • What is its personal and social value?
  • Can we make it? What is its production potential?

The sketch is then turned into a detailed drawing. Steve and Mike work together to create a series of prototypes. They test the proportions to ensure that the piece accurately expresses the original design concept.

Product refinement continues with real world stress tests and experimentation with production processes to ensure that each part is strong and durable.

Their rigorous research, design and product development process continues until they have crafted truly beautiful and unique pieces of furniture that are of heritage quality. Only then are these exquisite pieces ready for you! 

Our Process